Words with you

When someone is being called a manager by the people, all the attention is drawn to the managing position and no one is actually aware of a manager's preoccupations, worries, different tiring and frustrating meetings, developing and finding a kind of business and etc. It is indeed possible that no one believes in the reality that a manager can get tired and he may wish to be in the place of one of those clerks in his company with too much less responsibilities. The real fact is this, all these responsibilities and worries have imprisoned the manager in his room and behind his desk.

A kind of jail which is surprisingly well-designed; and even more surprising is the guard of the jail who is the boss himself. This man enjoys spending time in this prison, hoping to achieve something better in his business. He may act in the very way he thinks is correct and useful. These acts can be firing distracted employees or employing high-experienced clerks and even it can be done through taking part in different congresses in order to improve his business.

Why do you still remember some of those old lessons or poems you were taught many years ago? And sometimes, even in the middle of your most arduous times of work, you can remember those lessons as easily as possible. That due to the lessons were taught to you in a practical way or may have been turned into a nice memory so that you have learned it by your heart.So, don't you think if the management lessons were taught in this way, it would make a big difference ? Time is the lost portion of managers, so arise from your desks. Lack of time and having too much worries won't be a good justification.

Through this catalog, you may get familiar with the way you can produce an idea and develop it in the best managerial way. You will see a travel in which you can enjoy every moments at an educational practical management training course in addition to its entertaining and special moments. A class which does not need you to be seated at the desk taking notes or to take part in other conferences. This is a special kind of class because you are about to learn everything by your spirit not notebooks. You are going to feel it. You will experience bravery, risk taking, overcoming the fear of change, predicting power, diagnosing and controlling crisis, on the spot and determined decision-making, concentration boosting, synergy, trading, salary, excitement and friendship in the middle of freezing ices of the Arctic.

Maybe, all we need is, a management and a dream ...