Spiritual values

Synergy: "Synergy is better than your way or my way, it is our way." Stephen Covey

( University professor, lecturer, management consult expert )

According to the high speed of technology we are going to have a  new phenomenon called "job vanishing". The jobs which were once so productive and after some time the need for them got disappeared. So, if you want to avoid this process of leading your job to this gloomy end, you need to know what "synergy" is. This is an old method but recently a lot attention has been drawn that. The amazing part is the fact that you can use this idea even for those big companies with high number of sales and product. Synergy in its literal meaning is to have two or more companies work together in order to have stronger impact than they could reach on their own. Since the true meaning of synergy has never been explained for the Iranian managers, some may misunderstand it with the concept of cooperation which is already one of the negative things in all managers' minds. Therefore, they have never ascribed a special time for that.

The Most Useful Outcomes of Synergy:

1. The merged organization has more resources for sales. So, it deals with producion and boost of it for second consideration.

2. The merged organization will experience a cut in its extra expenses such as cutting the staffs and reducing the workplace environment.

3. If some companies get merged together, they will be able to improve their product quality and focus on development instead of competition.

Four Important Principles to be Obeyed in Synergy:

1. Interaction: These communications occur when the attitudes are taken serious in a sincere and free atmosphere.

2. Mutual understanding: It means that difference in the companies should be highly respected and accepted.

3. Mixture: When the mutual understanding occurs, the merging becomes possible.

4. Action: In order to have the final plan of synergy done, we need an organized design which is reached through goal-making, rules and principles.

The best synergy oppurtunities are provided in travels. A special organized travel with managers of different companies which makes the way, ending in synergy much shorter to have the chance of speaking with them.

Social responsibility

Recently, the number of economic organizations has arisen to the limit that has affected the structure of economics of the society. In other terms, economic organizations and representatives in a social system act like a social sub-system. Accordingly, the acceptance of social responsibilities by social organizations can be another way of getting popular among the audience.


It can be said that actually the companies’ social responsibility, which is how to earn wealth through well-done business and not via having only thoughts about salary, can reach its primary goal to have a cooperation together to make the friendly goals of all organizations be on the same boat with humanitarian policies in the society. And this development will finally end in developing the society.

Hence, a lot of economic organizations and businesses have moved forward toward the society values and the policy of improving the citizens' lives and besides working on the circle of the country economics as an accountable organization, they have entered the social responsibilities and this social responsibility has made a big opportunity for the people and customers and the market.

Management and trades in the view of expert, organizations and business are supposed to help the improvement of the social welfare through performing different things directly or indirectly. This view has arisen from the belief which makes businesses and the world around them two interlocked things. This view is so amazingly believed in the world that even the most important international organizations consider solving the world challenges without using these organizations as a help impossible. They believe these businesses which are more powerful in the change of the world around them. So, the social responsibilities’ idea should be considered as an important factor by the organization.

Naseri Charity

Therefore, we have decided to take the role of social responsibilities in consistent development in our society and continual collaboration with NGOs, and simultaneously do some actions toward uprising the development and awareness and teaching the meanings, with the global organizations among which UNICEF can be named, to solve the global challenges. Now, it should be mentioned that the type of procedures to be done in this trip is also planned and will be done according to the social responsibilities in Iran and other countries.