adventurer manager and Harley Davidson

Mr. Harley Davidson was guest of adventurer manager and Iranians in March 2017

opening of Tanhaie by Peter Sylvester

Hossein Naseri's new book "Tanhaie" was opened by Peter Sylvester, the CEO of Harley Davidson company

Nik Halik ,the first private astronaut in the world, and adventurer manager

Nick Halik suggestions about adventurer manager and Hossein Naseri's unique plans

authentic investment and business in Qatar

Samin International Group is ready to invest and run a new authentic business in Qatar . for more info visit

Adventurer manager "on "Formool Yek" TV Program" (video)

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Dr. Hossein Naseri's tandem parachute jump from 25,000 feet

Dr. Hossein Naseri the innovator of "Adventurer Manager" jumped out of the plane at 25,000 feet

Dr.Hossein Naseri (adventurer manager) and another adventure

after visiting Grand Canyon, adventurer manager walks on the edge of CNN Tower which is 554 meters!

Introduction and Presentation of the Adventurer Manager by Dr. Hossein Naseri for the First Time

Adventurer manager has a different perspective toward management and it is considered as a technique which matches mind, attitude, and thought of managers to the high speed of changing process of the world.

Adventurer Manager