Medal of Valor

Valor is the capability to get rid of unnecessary past thoughts since the mind essence is made of information and background knowledge as we go over past we move forward the unlimitledness. 

But human is afraid of huge range and feels like they will wandering in such a vast atmosphere. Therefore, valor is the ability to throw out the golden cage of mind and step in the unknowns regardless of all fears, dangers, insecurities.

One of the important and influential events in this journey will be bestowing the medal of valor and the bravery badge to the managers in 51 Brands Group; This medal, which owns a special validity in the inrternational societies, will be bestowed to the managers after the journey by the president of Austria.

In fact, this medal is a sort of a global appreciation of those managers who have had the valor to leave their desks and routine managerial activities and step in a modern and unknown way.

Regarding the fact that this badge is a symbol of the partnership of the world managers, having searched into the ancient texts to design the badge with global meanings and with the idea of showing the deep connection among the people around the world, the medal designing team reached a combination of a lion’s head and the the eagle’s wide open wings.

Since, the lion is considered to be the king of the jungle, it is the symbol of greatness, power, courage, justice and the law and also in some middle-aged books it is the symbol of resurrection. Besides, eagle has always been a symbol of power, freedom, strength and money.

We can assume this journey as a resurrection of the managers. The managers who have participated in this event with power so that they can achieve spiritual and mind freedom.

A freedom which will end in a doubled strength and following that, it will end in business development.