51 Brands

In 2000, the global convention of the United Nations was started by Kofi Annan the secretary general of the time in the area of social duties of organizations and the companies and was written based on four parts.

Human rights, business standards, the environment and the procedures against corruption.

All organizations and companies around the world reveal their annual participation in social duties. Among them, Chinese companies with the assist of their government have acted to distribute the annual report of the social acceptance of the duties more than other companies to makes images and attract the investments and the important point is that in these reports the subject of maintenance of the spiritual possession rights has been into consideration. Meanwhile, according to the global statistics, 51 companies out of 100 have participated in social duties.



All the aforementioned items and the vital need of different businesses to turn into a love mark from a brand, have led to ideology, design, plans, and the performance of a project named “51 brands” with the aim of combination between management and adventures on one hand and making one international social duty in the area of environment on the other hand. 


“51 brands” has had its first step for an international project by registering itself in the world. A project in the form of a travel to the the mosts of the world each year to take 51 managers of brands in different countries. The first travel will be to the coldest part of the world, the North pole, with Iranian managers.