adventurer manager and Harley Davidson

Mr. Harley Davidson was guest of adventurer manager and Iranians in March 2017

Private Risk Management Workshop with the Presentation of the Prominent Management Speaker " Dr. Peter Sylvester"

Samin International Group invited and accompanied the former vice president of Harley Davidson Company and the founder of the greatest networking and customer referencing in England named “International Influencers".

opening of Tanhaie by Peter Sylvester

Hossein Naseri's new book "Tanhaie" was opened by Peter Sylvester, the CEO of Harley Davidson company

The First Risk Management and Adventurer Manager Workshop In Iran

The above-mentioned workshop with the subject of “Risk Management” will be presented by Dr. Peter Sylvester and DR. Hossein Naseri at Samin International Group’s Salon.

Peter Sylvester's speech about adventurer manager

Peter Sylvester is the Founder, Inspirationalist and CEO at many major companies such as Harley Davidson